2d8 HP, 1d6 HP per level

1d8 damage

Rolls 2d6 for initial attributes

Can perform two physical feats per day(STR)

20*level enemies to level up

Physical Feats

Mighty Leap: Leap 6 tiles in any direction.

Heroic Strength: Move a seemingly immovable object.

Champion's Task: Instantly succeed a strength roll.

Second/Third Breath: Return from defeat with full health.


2d6 HP, 1d4 HP per level

1d6 damage, +2 from sneak attacks

Rolls 2d6 for initial attributes

Can pick locks(DEX) detect traps(WIS) and disable traps(DEX)

15*level enemies to level up


2d4 HP, 1d4 HP per level

1d4 damage

Rolls 1d12 for initial attributes

Can perform 1d4+1/4*WIS spells per day

10*level enemies to level up


Heal: Restores 1d3 health.

Shield: Gives target .5 point of armour for 5 turns.

Magic Missile: +1 damage, can attack then move.

Fireball: +2 damage, must stay in place to cast.

Lightning Bolt: Ignores armour.

Enchant: Gives target +.5 damage for 3 turns.

Light: Provides 1d12xlevel turns of light.

Warp: Teleport 1d3 tiles in any direction.

Write Scroll/Enchant Wand: Save a spell for later, or give a wand an extra charge. Requires a wand or a scroll.

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