Dens and Demons - Tales of Heroism and Shameless Ripoffs


It is highly reccommended that players have at least one d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20.

Player characters attack by rolling their classes attack die, then adding the weapon damage, and subtracting the targets armour. Enemies attack the same way.

To perform an action, a player must roll a d20. To succeed, the result must be under their character's attribute for the action performed.

Action rolls are performed only once per situation. For example: say a character is at a wall. They roll against strength to climb it, and succeed. Upon coming back to said wall, they will be able to climb it without having to roll again. If they are under stress or being chased however, they will have to roll once more. There are some exceptions, such as stealth actions.

When a character is defeated, they are knocked unconcious. They will remain unconcious for 1d6 hours. If the whole party is defeated, the unconcious character is dragged away by an enemy, or the party abandons the unconcious character, then that character is considered dead. Each time a character is knocked unconcious, all of their attributes will be decreased by one.

There are six attributes and two stats.



Characters level up by slaying opponents. Each class has a specific number of opponents required to level up. Upon leveling up, you can roll 3d6 for two attributes. Roll higher than your current attribute to increase it by one point.

All characters begin with 5d8 units of currency. Item and service costs are decided upon by the DM, but it is a good idea to have a minimum cost of 5 units of currency.

Attribute Bonuses

Strength: for every 4 STR after 10, you deal an additional point of damage.

Dexterity: for every 8 DEX after 10, you can attack once more per turn.

Constitution: for every 2 CON after 10, you gain an additional point of health.

Intelligence: for every 8 INT after 10, your spell effects are given +.5.

Wisdom: for every 2 WIS after 10, you are given an additional spell per day and +1 to detecting traps.

Charm: for every 2 CHA after 10, all fees decrease by 1 unit of currency.

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